Indiana State law requires that schools observe certain regulations when administering medication to students. The following procedures must be followed:


1. Over-the-counter medication requires written permission from the parent or guardian , stating the name of medication, amount of medication, the hours for administration, and the period of time medication is to be continued . It must be sent in the original container labeled with the student’s name. Permission note must contain parent's/legal guardian's signature.


2. Prescription medications must be in the original container. The label will meet the requirement for physician's written order; however, the parent must either complete and sign the Student Medication Permission Slip or send in a permission note with parent's/legal guardian's signature. Recommend one month’s supply.


3. The parent/guardian shall accept the legal responsibility for the safe arrival of his/her child's medication to and from the child's school.


4. A school corporation may send home medication that is possessed by a school for administration during school hours or at school functions with a student if the student's parent provides written permission for the student to receive the medication.