Fifth and Sixth Grade

If your child needs assistance completing this assignment teachers will be available through email and/or phone during the times below.

Mr. Curry, 6th grade Social Studies ([email protected])
-Office Hours: Monday - Friday 6:15-7:15am (School and Email)
 -Assignments and information posted on Mr. Curry's Google Classroom

Ms. Norris, 6th Grade English
-Office Hours: Monday - Friday 3:10-4:10 (School and Phone
-Phone: 812-354-5585
-Assignment and information posted on Mrs. Norris's Google Classroom

Mr. Ennulat, 6th grade Science  ([email protected])
-Office Hours: Email and Phone Monday-Friday 6:15-7:15am, School Wednesday 3-4pm
-Phone: 812-266-0338
 -6th Grade Science Achieve 3000 Article: Surprise! Songbirds Are Speedy

Mr. Dwyer, 5th Grade Reading and Social Studies ([email protected])
-Office Hours: Tuesday 3-4pm School; Wednesday - Monday 6:30-7:15 and 3-5pm Email Only
-Assignments and information posted on Mr. Dwyer's Google Classroom

Mrs. Pfaffmann, 6th grade Reading, Science and Social  Studies([email protected])
-Office Hours: Monday - Friday 3:10-4:10 (School and Email)
-Assignments and information posted on Mrs. Pfaffmann's Google Classroom

Mr. Rebar, 6th Grade Math and 5th Grade Science ([email protected])
-Office Hours: Mon,Tues, Wed 6:15-7:15 Email, School&Email 3:10-4:10; Thurs&Fri Email Only 6:15-7:15
-All assignments posted on Mr. Rebar's Google Classroom

Mrs. Porter, 5th Grade Math ([email protected])
-Office Hours: Tuesday 3-4pm School; Wednesday-Monday 6:30-7:15am and 3-4pm Email Only
-All assignments posted on Mrs. Porter's Google Classroom

Dr. Zirkle, Orchestra ([email protected](812) 455-8390 -Office hours: Tues& Weds 2:30-4:30 Phone; School and Email Monday 3-4pm --Orchestra Assignment