Dress Code Policy

Student Dress Code

The spirit of a dress code is that it eliminates clothing as a distractor to education.  Since fashion trends are ever changing, this guideline may be amended as necessary to meet educational needs. 

PANTS, SKIRTS, SHORTS: khaki, navy or black colored uniform style dress pants only. Pants must be worn at the waist.
Note:  No denim, fleece, legging, sweat or pants that are form fitting of any kind.

SHIRTS: Collared button down or polo shirt in any solid color; small logo acceptable (up to 2 inches)

Note: Lodge Community School or Bosse High School spirit wear is allowed on FRIDAYS. School logo t-shirts must display the school colors of Lodge (white, blue, yellow/gold) or Bosse (white, grey, red) and be visible at all times.

COOL-WEATHER ITEMS:   Any SOLID COLOR hoodless sweater/sweatshirt, vest, or cardigan worn WITH a visible collared button down or polo shirt underneath.  Lodge or Bosse crew neck sweatshirts are acceptable.  Alternate Logo:  small (up to 2 inches)

Note: Jackets/coats must be placed on the back of the chair or in a backpack during  school.

Quarter zip pullovers are not allowed.

BELT:  Recommended for students who struggle to wear pants at the natural waist. 

Socks:  Required- any solid color socks;
K-5: white or navy tights/leggings may be worn under a skirt
Shoes:  While tennis shoes are preferred, any closed toe and closed back shoe will be allowed.

Accessories can be a distraction to the education process.  All hair accessories should be functional.  Those that do not serve a function will not be allowed. 


MASKS are REQUIRED. Students should wear a mask upon entering the building and whenever they are out of their assigned seat or unable to socially distance from others.  This includes transitioning to recess, a resource class or a related arts class.  

Revised 8/2020